When teachers are given the time and the tools for meaningful collaboration with colleagues, their impact on student performance soars!

Start implementing a data-driven system for teaching and learning today!


Book review

As the curriculum coach at my school, I know the importance of using student work to drive instruction. DDIC provided us with a systematic approach that allowed my teachers to have common assessments, success criteria, and instructional practices to meet” the needs of our students.


This book synthesizes professional collaboration and classroom experiences into effective and ancient protocols for studying standards, utilizing assessments, analyzing student work, and delivering differentiated lessons that maximize teaching and learning time for every child and every day.

Why read it?

Readers will explore the results schools can demonstrate when they proactively and systematically focus on their greatest areas of need, strategically plan for improvement, implement their plans deeply, and evaluate their progress along the way.

About the author

Algrenon Tremain Nelson (A.T.) leverages his experience to provide consultation and coaching at the state, district, and campus levels, resulting in systematic change around the execution of professional learning communities and math instruction. For more than 20 years, he has served as a teacher, administrator and consultant in the public school system.


As a former school principal and complex area superintendent, our greatest need for school transformation was to implement a system of teaching and learning that engaged our educators in collegial learning teams and focused on high expectations, standards-based instruction, authentic assessments, and data analysis. DDIC helped make that happen! So don’t just read this; make it a reality in your school!
Ann Mahi
Executive Director, Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA)
DDIC is the cornerstone of everything we do instructionally in our high school. It has been instrumental in our WASC accreditation, Academy implementation, and many of our school improvement efforts. This system helped our teachers better understand and communicate student strengths, misconceptions, and the next steps to address student needs.
Joseph Halfmann
Principal, Pearl City High School
DDIC has been a game-changer for the elementary schools I supervise! It has resulted in dramatic paradigm shifts in their strategic planning, their monitoring for student outcomes, and the sustainability of their success through professional learning communities.
Shaun Ross
Instructional Leadership Director, Oklahoma Public Schools (OKCPS)
DDIC provided us with a systematic approach to developing common assessments, success criteria, and instructional practices that meet the needs of our students. We are in a much better place both academically and culturally because of this system.
Jaime Hernandez
Curriculum and Instructional Coach, Honowai Elementary School
DDIC has tremendously improved our collective teacher and student efficacy. It has given students access to grade level and above standards and accelerated their growth by leaps and bounds from where they were before we started.
Dr. Trina Resler
Principal, Buchanan Elementary School
DDIC was one of our main pillars at Kapolei Middle School. Our focus on DDIC, relationships, culture, and MTSS helped move our students from ranking in the 20s–30s on our state assessment in ELA and math to ranking 8th in ELA and 13th in math in just three years!
Richard Fajardo
Complex Area Superintendent, Hawaii Department of Education (HIDOE)
This book is a must read for any rookie or veteran educator in need of a system for teaching and learning! It clearly describes the system, why it is important, and how to make it all happen.
Regina Misra
Instructional Coach & Consultant, ProActiveEd